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This is my own little corner of the world wide web where I write about my favorite video games, to archive and share my past―time creations, or just to express my creativity.

I have a variety of things you can check out. Stuff you can read, look at, or download:

Nice to meet you too
  • Game reviews
  • Favorite box arts
  • Photo mode galleries
  • Mario Paint drawings
  • Level designs
  • Mod creations
  • ...and more!

You can browse through the content using the floating Penelope™ menu to the right side of the site. The down and up arrow buttons can expand and collapse the menu to help you view the layout better too.

I'll make updates when I have new things to show!

About this site

The previous site hosted at Wordpress served over 65,000
treats before it bursted and
earned its well deserved rest.

Treats will carry on at Neocities in web 1.0. Please have a look around and thank you for stopping by. Be sure to follow my Neocities profile or sign my guestbook if
you enjoyed your visit!

leddit will still need to go


Last updated on April 6, 2016.

About me

I'm currently living a happy life in a small villa just outside the mining city of Minoc. I enjoy horseback riding during my downtime and stumbling upon vendor shops offering exciting bargains. Hauling large decor and furnishings is a very demanding hobby for my horse and myself.

I work a dangerous part―time job, as I'm often met with bounty hunting fraternities and mischievous bandits who engage in unfriendly banter. I've also been a victim of pickpocketing and home invasions in the past.

A place I previously call home was a lakeside cabin in Hybrid. I lived there for about three years until I was evicted by an organized house raid. I've moved on since then and started a new life in Forever.

My house address is 68°1'N 91°32'E. It's just a short walking distance from the moongate in Minoc. Take the road directly west of the gate, then it's just one screen south when you reach a rocky gray mountain. Come say hello if you do swing by!

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